04 November 2011

Science online, a pox upon your pox parties edition

Halloween hangover, anyone? Photo by bunnygoth.
  • Spooky science. The Scientific American network goes all Halloweeny.
  • Dumb, dumber, downright dangerous. Parents who refuse to vaccinate their children try to immunize them by mailing around childhood viruses.
  • Carnival time! The November 2011 Carnival of Evolution is up at The Mermaid's Tale.
  • Last ditch effort. To save bats from white-nose syndrome, researchers propose building an artificial cave.
  • Helping science, helping himself. Participating in cognitive research helps a man with schizophrenia cope with his condition.
  • Alongside or, you know, underfoot. A newly discovered fossil was a ferret-like mammal that probably lived alongside dinosaurs.
  • Whale folksongs? Sperm whales' songs are probably culturally transmitted.

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