10 February 2009

Reflective Christianity

Slacktivist Fred Clark(!), "a Baptist in the evangelical tradition" reacts to his inclusion on a list of the top Atheist/Agnostic/Skeptic blogs with a meditation on faith, certainty, and the value of listening to - and interacting with - opposing viewpoints:
Like most humans, I'm bound to be wrong about many things, and the things I'm likeliest to be wrong about are those things I'm least aware I might be wrong about. So it seems not just prudent, but necessary, to engage as many disparate views as possible.

(!) In the original version of this post, I inexplicably confused Fred Clark, a thoughtful, humane, and progressive Christian - whose blog I follow regularly - with Fred Phelps, a fundamentalist troglodyte. This mistake would, no doubt, have massively offended both of them, should either have seen it. My deepest, sincerest apologies to Clark.


  1. Um, that would be Fred CLARK at Slacktivist. Fred Phelps is an evangelical wachaloon.

  2. Jeepers - thanks for catching that, Chris. I've got to stop posting after 2300, I guess. Correction and abject apology to Fred CLARK, are made in the original post.