21 June 2008

Evolution 2008: day one

In the first full day of talk sessions at Evolution 2008, I've learned:
  • Getting up early for a run pays off.
  • Different species of toads might have different kinds of sex determination systems.
  • Mimulus is a very popular genus for studying speciation - whether via ecological divergence, pollen incompatibility, or allopolyploidy.
  • Some legumes might be able to force their nitrogen-fixing bacterial symbiotes to play nice.
  • Coevolution is important and ubiquitous.
  • Coevolution is really, really hard to test for.
  • Name tags are better worn around the neck than on the belt.
  • The Minneapolis skyline looks awesome at sunset (see photo).
  • I need a bigger notebook.
My presentation is first thing tomorrow - gotta try and rehearse!

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